Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hello...It has been ages since I laid my ass here...LOL. Now, something crossed my mind while I was typing the 'hello' word; who am I greeting???? I hope there's someone there though..>_<

5 years since my last piece, a lot of things had changed..from friends to work..but one thing din't change..ME! I still write when I feel I am lost, vulnerable and trying my very best to change for a better me but nothing works.

Well, to update on my current status..pretty much stagnant with the desperation of finding a better job with better pay and better benefit and also greater motivation. I don't even want to start talking about my love life, well, because there is nothing much to be told! These leave me with a constant thought to run away from all of these. Who was the fucking hell that created this fucking so-called LIFE definition which revolves around money, work and money! Okay, I am being a little too extreme here.

Cut to the chase, the reason I am here after so fucking long...Woah, I think I have a lot of frustration to be leased out. Okay, no more 'fxxking' word. Recently, I watched a movie that somehow inspire em to go out there again. Just to share with those who happen to drop by here.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the title. This movie is about a normal person who has dedicated his life to LIFE magazine as an Negative Asset Manager for more than 10 years. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. A very interesting movie with beautiful scenery and wonder soundtracks that made me ponder about my stagnant life. It really makes me want to go out there again.

 Writing again definitely makes me feel at peace. So, Next time, I'll be back with more to share.

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